Monday, April 30, 2012

April 29, 2012

the work is still blessed. i am keeping a sweet journal so that i can make up for the lack of detail in the emails. it's hard to get so many things written in 30 minutes.

the waffle eating contest was cool but i lost hard core. i only ate 5 (in my defense though, i wasn't really competing cause they were running low on eggs and milk) compared to two of the elders who ate 13. my companion got down 10 then she almost threw up. the elders tied cause they ran out of ingredients for the batter.

this week had a lot of time spent preparing for the young ambassadors who are visiting. sister hadlock was given the assignment of being the choir director for the pre show which has been rather stressful. we have been trusting in the promise that there are many honorable ways to find people to teach as we have been spending a lot of time working on making it sound nice. i say we cause by default i am singing in the choir. the mission president has approved it and is thrilled. so thus it is going to work out great. most of the botswana dignitaries will be in attendance, who knows, maybe we'll baptize em all and then the population of 2 million botswanans will follow... !

satan is being a jerk to our investigators, they just seem to be struggling at the moment. each one of them has a challenge of some sort, and they are beginning to not want to see us anymore. we hope it's just a phase and they'll get over their challenges as we continue to help them. we are doing the best that we know how. 

love you all, keep being awesome this week

sister blum

ps, i was sent here for so many reasons,

1) god knew there were certain people I needed to help. Everyone that i come into contact with i know that god sent me to them so that i can help prepare them (to some degree) for the blessings of the gospel, and it was only me who could touch them the way that they needed. 

2) for myself. i needed to learn lots of lessons that could have only happened in this environment and culture.
3) i could build relationships with the members. there are so many people here who i just know that we knew each other before this life and we needed to come together and be friends again. it kind of isn't fair cause we gain all of these relationships with so many treasured people and then you have to leave them. fortunately modern technology is making it easier to stay in contact with people.

i like to look at bots as my personal training ground. god put me here to save others and to save myself (as strange as that sounds)

i have rejoiced in my service above that of the world! enos 1: 26 the work is sweet.

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